Friday, November 26, 2010

Tourist places in Bangalore

Bangalore has many tourist attractions to visit in and around. The city is embellished with famous blossoming gardens, magnificent historical sites and other places of historical and religious interests. These tourists' spots can easily be accessed by local transports like autos, buses or taxis.
The historic sites in Bangalore holds a unique charm, the Vidhan Soudha, a structure complex is a marvelous specimen of neo-Dravidian style of architecture. Lal Bagh -famous for breathtaking rows of red roses, Tipu's Palace and Bangalore Palace- one of the most lavishly adorned and carved palaces of the by gone era are the treasures of Bangalore. Among the religious places, the ISKCON Temple, Shiva Statue, and the Bull Temple are worth visiting. The Venkatappa Art Gallery is an abode of about 600 paintings, all unique in themselves. Just make a travel trip to this majestic city and indulge in its gratifying attractions that will take you to the glory of erstwhile rulers of Bangalore.

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